A Film Actor’s Odyssey


Robert Clarke & Tom Weaver, Midnight Marquee Press, Inc. US, 1996, Softcover, 247 pages.


Back cover:


Actor, director, producer... Robert Clarke worked in movies in Hollywood from 1944 until 1965. Appearing in all genres—Horror, Sci-Fi, Westerns, Swashbucklers, Dramas—Clarke vividly remembers such Hollywood legends as:


John Wayne: "His hair was beginning to go on him, so he took his cap off, borrowed an eyebrow pencil from the make-up guy and just scribbled on the top of his head."


Bela Lugosi: "When i was a youngster. Lugosi was my 'horror hero'. So when i finally saw Lugosi in person, I was saddened to see what nature, what growing older had done to him."


George “Gabby” Hayes: "I can't tell you how sick i got of being coached by 'Gabby' Hayes!"


Greer Garson: "At first I feared she might have fired me from the part because i looked too young, but she didn't say a word about it. She made me feel like i was on equal footing with her."


Boris Karloff: "I was on the set the day that we wrapped, and here was Mr. Karloff with 8x 10s handing them out to anybody who wanted one. He wrote on the picture he gave me 'To Bob Clarke - Be As Lucky As I Am.'"


Alan Ladd: "I was taken aback to see two-by-twelve planks, four inches off the floor, and right away i knew what they were for. Alan Ladd walked on those planks. The rest of us walked on the floor. Nobody laughed, nobody said a word."


Clark Gable: "He was a very quiet person off-stage, quieter certainly then he was on screen. Gable burned up the celluloid, he was very animated, but off-screen he sat in his dressing room between sequences and puffed on a cigarette."


Edgar G. Ulmer (Director): "A strange and talented man, Edgar: somewhat domineering, he was the temperamental European 'von Stroheim' type. Sometimes he was a real pain in the ass, but maybe I was, too, at times."


Includes over 100 photos, many from Robert Clarke's private collection!



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