Alex Carter, Softcover Library Ltd, May 1971.

Front Cover:
...Jack had heard about woman like her. He stood there just a few feet away, drinking in her golden loveliness. His conscience was no match for the burning desires she so deliberately lit in him...

Black cover blurb:


She flaunted her voluptuous body before him. Her breasts heaved sensuously. Though he was a teen-ager---just a kid---he had every nerve of her quivering for him. What he did not know she would teach him. She meant to enjoy herself to the full, extract every thrill and pleasure from his young frame. He was not experienced enough to fight down the mad lust she deliberatly aroused in him. The inevitable happened. But after that first explosive union she would not let him go. She addicted him to strange lusts that only her greater maturity could satisfy. There were no lengths to which she would not go to keep this boy in her bed...
What kind of woman seeks out youngsters for fulfillment her own husband can't give her? This book makes fearless and honest answer.



Jack pulled into the driveway and got out of the car. He debated whether to go to the front door or the back. The fence decided him. The entire back yard was enclosed with redwood. Jack grew curious. If he went to the house he would see nothing past the door. He pushed open the gate of the redwood fence.


And stopped.


The garden behind the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Duncan was partly paved with brick—the rest was covered with thick grass. Clumps of banana and papaya trees threw some shade, but between them lay dappled islands of sunshine.


In one of these bright spots, Babs Duncan was stretched out, taking a sunbath.


She was wearing a pair of sunglasses.


That was all.


Jack stood frozen, unable to move for seconds. Music reached him faintly. It came from a small, transistor radio beside the nude woman. She had, he noticed, a very fair, pale complexion. She was slender, high-breasted, long-legged. One dimpled knee was raised and moving idly in time to the music, as if the woman were doing a reclining dance to the sun.


He might have made some small sound, for suddenly she turned. He jumped back, slammed the gate and swallowed hard. His heart was pounding and he trembled partly from embarrassment and partly from acute physical desire. This was the first time in his life he had seen a completely naked woman.


Had she glimpsed him standing there? Should he run or stay? He decided against running, without quite knowing why. He was no coward, he told himself. He also admitted to himself that no sight had ever affected him quite the way his view of Babs Duncan had—and that he simply did not want to leave.


Whether or not she had seen him, the sound of his slamming the gate should bring her out. He waited.


She came presently. He was relieved to see that she was now modestly covered with a chenille robe. She was tying the waist cord. “I thought I heard the gate.” Then her brown eyes widened with pleasure. “Oh, you’ve brought the car.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Jack’s ears felt hot. His blood pounded. He wondered if he ought to apologize for walking in on her—it came to him that she must have guessed from the closing of the gate that he had seen her nude.


The brown eyes twinkled. “Did you see me taking a sunbath?”


He bed gallantly, “Oh, no, ma’am. I just started into the yard and—backed right out.”


“I see,” she nodded solemnly. “Well, it’s lucky you did. Lucky for both of us. I should have locked the gate.”


“Yes, ma’am.” Jack gulped.


She continued to gaze at him, running her eyes candidly up and down his strong frame. The tip of her tongue touched the edge of her teeth. “What’s your name?”



Condition: Good. Tight copy small corner bump on back cover.

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