Jack Warren, Eros Publishing Co., Inc., Wilmington, Del., Reprint/ bootleg? 1972, softcover, Bill Ward interior illustrations.



Marge Caspar gave her husband an anxious look across the dinner table as he sat talking to his sexy young niece, Ellie Courtnay. She wasn’t quite so sure that it had been a good idea of Jack’s to invite his older sister’s only daughter to spend two weeks here in Glendview. Now that she and Jack had just about got things straightened out between them, along came this “hippie” girl. Well, maybe she wasn’t exactly a “hippie,” but in Marge Caspar’s private opinion, Ellie Courtnay was a walking invitation to rape. And Jack, as she could well testify from experience, was just as red-blooded and male as they came, and how he was going to overlook making a pass at a dish like that, even if she was his niece, was worrying her more than she wanted to admit.


Not that she dared say anything to Jack about it. When he proposed that they play host to Ella, he’d put it in a flat statement of fact. And after having gone through that humiliating but really delicious ordeal over his lap that time when she had learned who was really boss in the Caspar house, Marge had no desire to start a new marital rift by arguing. After all, Ellie was the daughter of Jack’s sister, and he hadn’t seen the girl in at least ten years. Just the same, it would have been so much better if Ella’s mother had been able to come along and chaperone her. What was a girl like this going to do with middle-aged folks— because that’s what they were—for two weeks in the summer out here in the suburb?


Of course, Marge had no way of knowing that her husband had seen in May Courtnay’s unexpected phone call a practically heaven-sent opportunity to get the Spanking Society Ltd. under way. Because, unless he missed his guess, Jack Caspar was sure that swinging Ellie was going to prove to be the catalytic agent for what would break down all the bedroom frustrations which his friends Pete, Dave, and Matt were battling these days.



Condition: Good, there are small pen marks on the inside front covers (front and back), and yellow sticker/ tape marks to cover back and front.

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