Scott Arlen, USA, 1970, softcover, 153 pages.



Venus, California is the sandy stomping grounds of Billy Black, a no-holes-barred beach stud who is against everything but lots of sex and volleyball, both of which he is a master. Venus Beach is the home away from home for an endless supply of hot sex kittens, most of whom fall under Billy's spell. Billy's schemes to disrupt the powers that rule Venus are also in play full tilt. Laughter with sex on the rampage is Scott Arlen's credo.


Laughter with sex on the rampage is Billy Black’s credo.




More people had arrived, and smoking, fucking, drinking, sucking, laughing bodies were strewn all over the house. Laurie stepped over them, looking for Billy, pausing once in awhile when a new twist caught her attention. Hands reached up from the floor and touched her throughout her journey. They were not warm hands. They were cold and clammy on her flesh, like the hands of the dead, trying to pull her down from the living.


She finally found Billy upstairs in bed. It hadn’t occurred to her to ask what Golden Showers were, but it became very apparent to her when she saw Billy and his six (or was it sick? she thought) friends chug-a-lugging beer and spraying one another about the face and shoulders with urine.


Billy trained his stream at Laurie, and she jumped back and brushed away the few drops that hit her stomach.


“Come join us,” he said wiping his eyes with a towel.


“Thanks, but no thanks.”


“I know, you’re waiting for the real excitement to begin. We’re going into the leather scene in a few minutes. You’ll love that.”


“What’s a leather scene?”


“You know, the S&M bag: whips, belts, brass knucks. Anything interesting going on downstairs?”


“That depends on your definition of the word. There’s a couple fucking in the kitchen with their tongues stuck to the freezing compartment in the refrigerator.”


“Yeah, that’s kinda nutty.”


Laurie started dressing. “I hate to be a party pooper, but I have to go.”


“Why? We’re just getting started! You don’t want to miss all the excitement, do you?”


“I think I’ve had just about all the excitement anyone could stand for one evening.”


“Don’t go. I haven’t done anything to turn you off, have I?”


“I’d rather not talk about it, if you don’t mind. Let’s just say I want to see my folks. I’ve been gone too long. Much too long.”


“Now, that you know where we are, don’t make a stranger of yourself.”


The walls began to close in on Laurie. She bolted down the stairs, tripped over a loving couple in the living room and sprinted out the door. If it had been locked, she probably would have run right through it.


Billy watched her run down the Speedway from the balcony off his bedroom. When she was out of sight, he returned to his friends. “I thought she’d never leave,” he said. “Come on, everybody. Get dressed and I’ll get the scrabble sets.”


“I don’t want to play scrabble,” protested one of the girls. “You cheat.”

“Of course, that’s why I always win.”

“Well, I want to play bridge!”


“When the party’s at your house, we’ll play bridge. But this isn’t your house, and this isn’t your party, so we’re going to play scrabble, and that’s that!”


About the Author

Known for his liberating speeches and his satirical novels (written under the pseudonym of Scott Arlen), Carl Stone is having a very successful life. He is easy to recognize from across any room with his laughing, baritone voice and mid-western accent, coming mostly from his childhood in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, one of ten states he has called home. Whether it is theatrics, articles, books, movies and hosting skills, just to name a few, he has done ”everything my little heart has desired.” He has set the precedent, leaving his predecessors behind. So many have told him that he has a truly original mind. He received his B.A.. from Austin College in Sherman, Texas in 1957, majoring in English and Speech. While there, he actively participated in theater productions and speech tournaments, followed by a stint as a television sportscaster, newscaster and weather man at KCTV in San Angelo, Texas. At Florida State University, located in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1961, he earned his Master’s Degree in Speech and English. He was F.S.U.’s first Master’s candidate to be allowed to write a play for his Master’s thesis, a feat which opened the door for other playwrights, helping them get their plays to Broadway. Always passionate about his work, he directed and/or acted in over 40 plays. In the 1970’s, he wrote numerous novels, among which are: Greedy Polly (1970), Bad News Billy Black (1970), Everybody Loves a Eunuch (1971), Panting For Oscar (1971), The Fastest Pants in the West (2014), The Yes Girls (1974), Hot Holiday (2014), and Bad Company (2013). Also, he wrote, directed, and acted in a short film that changed the movie business, leading to the dark practice of Blind-Bidding being made illegal; wrote, co-produced and co-directed (with Richard Lipton) the rollicking courtroom movie, Big Thumbs; and hosted the television show, The Psychic Experience, in New York City. For six years in the 1990’s, Carl joined the legendary tap dancer, Peg Leg Bates, touring across the country as a motivational speaking team, encouraging the children to stay in school and drug-free, and reminding everyone that they can achieve anything they want to achieve in this world, “provided they want it BAD enough”, touching the lives of so many people. In recent times, Uncle Carl (one of his many nicknames) is retired, cherishing the moments in Connecticut. His best friends say of him, “Uncle Carl jokes a lot, but he isn’t kidding.”



Condition: Fair there is some splitting to spine and stains to the front and back cover, and page ends.

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