Jessie Zimmerman, Don M. Plyer, Novel Books Inc., USA, Chicago, 1965, Softcover, 128 pages.


Back cover blurb: 



As she fell back on the bed, she felt the first one take her. Gradually her screaming pain was replaced by feeling of numbness. No longer crying out in pain, she concentrated on closing her mind, blanking out. She succeeded partially; she wasn't aware of the first man leaving and the second one replacing him.... It didn't matter though. Soon there were others. She kept her eyes shut; she didn't even know what they looked like.
With the numbness of her body, she endured them. How many, she did not know. In a state of semi-consciousness, she was assaulted again and again. As soon as one left, another took his place. Then several of them ...




The things Cecilia witnessed that night were beyond her wildest nightmares. She spent half an hour in the nauseous women's room, avidly avoiding the grasping hands of mannish-looking, weirdly dressed women who entered; she avoided, too, as much as possible, hearing the unbelievable things they proposed to her. Finally she escaped the lounge and returned to the bar.
There people said hideous, obscene things to one another, with a casual, flippant manner - and never took offense. They gestured and clutched crudely at intimates and strangers alike ...


Anti-communist paranoia in The New Slave Masters:


Eight months had passed since that infamous day of the year 19--, that day of the beginning of Hell. That was the day that the United States capitulated to the Soviet Union, surrendering without a fight, bowing down to the Soviet ultimatum to surrender or be destroyed. The political powers, through fear or cowardice, overruled the objections of the military leaders and surrendered almost before the American people became aware of their plight.



Condition: Good, pages are yellowed consistant with age, spine is clean.

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