Unknown, Star Distributors, 1976, UK, Reprint/ bootleg? softcover, 180 pages.



CASE HISTORY ONE: "One of the things I really got to like was "Star Trek," the old TV show about the spaceship that goes all the place. It's a really funny show, Doctor it's about these guys who have ray guns that can kill a man at thirty paces, but for some reason thses guys are always having fist fights. I don't know why they just don't use the guns.
Anyway, Doctor, you may not realize this, but there's a whole CULT in this country built around "Star Trek." There are Star Trek fan clubs and conventions and everything.

I know that your wondering what all this has got to do with bondage and discipline, Doctor but don't worry. You'll find out soon enough.

Well I started going to some of the Star Trek conventions that were in New York, which is where I live. There's such a Star Trek mania going on that sometimes there's a Trek convention every WEEKEND. Sometimes there's two in the same week, which is a pain in the ass.

Naturally these conventions, like any other conventions, had a lot of sex going around in the hotel rooms. Except that anybody who goes in for science fiction has to be a little weird in the head, so the sex at these Star Trek conventions was always a little weirder than at most other conventions....


...Well soon there was going to be another Star Trek convention in a few days - isn't there always? - and Froggy thought that in honour of the time it might be a good idea to put our little plan to work at this next coming convention.
The convention was at a hotel in Manhattan, and Froggy and I checked into a room together, which Estren (The Schmuck From the Black Lagoon), didn't know about. We brought about six suitcases with us, and if the bellboys had seen what was in those suitcases they would have had a fit. I shan't tell you what was in those cases Doctor, but I'll give you a hint. Most of it was either leather, rubber or steel, that is if you don't count the ten thousand feet of rope.

Conventions are funny things Doctor especially Star Trek conventions. As soon as everybody checks into the hotel they settle down to f*%king and drinking and gambling and doing everything BUT holding a convention and the convention is just an excuse for the f*%king and drinking and gambling. "



Condition: Good, clean pages, tape marks and stickers to cover.

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