Dudley D. Watkins, DC THOMSON & Co., Ltd., and JOHN LENG & Co., Ltd. 1954, Hardcover, Two-tone illustrations.

Very un-common spin off from the Dandy annual.





My name is Desperate Dan, Desperate Dan.

I'm the world's toughest man, yes I am.

Come and test my frying pan,

And eat bully in the can,

And you'll be as tough a man

                          As Desperate Dan.


I have a giant's frame, giant's frame.

Bandit's tremble at my name, and my fame.

Outlaw horses blush with shame,

Kick my chin and then go lame,

But for me it's just a game

                       To make them tame!


I'm as strong as any six, any six.

Grizzly bears I love to fix with my tricks.

I can break their bones like sticks,

Bend their backs like candle wicks:

From my fists as hard as bricks

                         They get their licks.


Where I live in Cactusville, Cactusville.

I always eat my fill of cow-pie grill.

Old Aunt Aggie's python swill,

It is guaranteed to kill,

But you know I'm living still.....

                              And never ill!


Now it's time I slung my hook, slung my hook.

For I'm off to catch a crook and a spook.

Are they hiding by a brook?

Hiding in some shady nook?

Shucks! Just come and take a look

                            Inside my book.



Condition: Fair, the spine has become detatched at the back although the book still sits in there, cover has markings and is well worn, there is a small pen mark on the back cover.



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