SIP & STRIP is an exciting game designed for swinging adults of all ages!


Frank Bresee, Manafactured by MATSCOTT INTERNATIONAL, US, 1971.


This is a Vintage Frank Bresee game, similar to nearly everything else he made, it includes a Monopoly-like board, drinks, and this time stripping. The game includes a routine board, "sip" cards and "strip" cards (standing in for Community Chest and Chance). The game can be played by two to six players or even more if you want to play with couples as teams.


The roll of the dice moves your pieces around the board and you are required to do what the squares tell you to do. Mostly this involves taking sips of a beverage, sometimes taking a Sip or Strip card. Some of the Sip cards direct personal action like "take a sip and kiss any player" and other cards require all participants to take an action, usually involving another sip of a beverage. Each complete round of the board includes more Sip cards and more Strip cards requiring you to remove a piece of clothing. The game proceeds until the sips catch up with you (which is the point of Bresee's more notorious game "Pass Out").




The object of SIP & STRIP is to have fun, sip your favorite beverage and strip off your clothes. The last player to remove all their clothes is the winner of the game.




1. Plaing Board

2. Deck (30) Sip Cards

3. Deck (30) Strip Cards

4. Six Playing Markers

5. Two Dice



Condition: Good, there is a slight warp to the box on one corner, and a water mark on the back of the box & tape on all sides.

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