Name: Omega Red

Manufacturer: Toy Biz
Marvel Legends Sentinel Build-a-Figure (BAF) Series a.k.a. Marvel Legends Series 10


Figure with 32 points of articulation. Accessories include 2 Removable and Bendable Carbonium Arm Coils, a Display Stand and the Lower Torso of the Sentinel Build-a-Figure. Also comes with a Reprint of X-Men (Vol 2) #7.


Back of Package:


When the shadow of evil falls across the land, the world's greatest champions strike for justice: Spiderman! The X-Men! Thor! Iron Man! The Thunderbolts! The Fantastic Four! Captain Marvel Hulk! The Avengers! Captain America! Black Panther! The Defenders! For over 60 years fans of all ages have been shouting: Make Mine Marvel!


The Russian mutant Arkady Rossovich was transformed into a super soldier by the KGB, but he could not control his abilities and was placed into suspended animation. Recovered by agents of the ninja clan known as the Hand, Omega Red soon clashed with the X-Men , particularly Wolverine . Omega Red secretes an airborne toxin from his body that kills those in his immediate vicinity. Also, his arms are long coils made of carbonadium, an alloy similar to adamantium.


Condition: New

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