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See: A sinsiter gypsy fortune teller named Madam Estrella, with the help of her sleazy stripper sister and her grossly disfigured hunchback manservant Ortega, victimise innocent fun lovers visiting the Midway Carnival!


See: Them scorch their victims faces with acid, making them look like hideous zombies! See: Estrella lock them in cages like abused pets!


See: Ray Dennis Steckler produce, direct and star as his acting alter ego - Cash Flagg in his first sole project filmed in Eastman colourr!


See: A film jam-packed with action, songs and dancing, including the wild and crazy mixed-up zombie stomp!


After a few assignments as cameraman, Ray was later given a job as director by legendary film producer Arch Hall Snr (who also had a soft spot for appearing in his own films). Ray teamed up with George J. Morgan for his first solo project




There are loads of great scenes in this movie with tales to tell. Check out the yellow rambler truck star Atlas King is working on as he says to the camera "I can't get this piece of junk to work" - no he couldn't and when they finished filmimg it was left there! That yellow van was in fact the one that Ray and his wife Carol passed many nights sleering in to save motel room money to spend on film!!


During the filming of the scene where Ray (who is starring as Jerry) falls off a cliff, they dressed a dummy in Ray's clothes....and boots. They were quite distinctive - the shot didn't work, the dummy floated out to sea boots 'n' all and Ray had to spend hours tracking down an identical pair - they didn't fit though. So Ray hobbles through the last couple of scenes.


The carnival was just a set in an old temple a few floors up. Like most small indie outfits Ray's was strictly non-union and being based in Hollywood was chased by union rep's. So Ray just hung "Danger" and "Out of Order" signs on the elevator which successfully kept the wary union guys out.


Along the way Ray was served with a law suit because the original title was the Incredibly Strange Creatures or Why i stopped Living and Became a Mixed Up Zombie and Columbia just happend to be making Dr. Strangelove or Why I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb - but after a phone call to Kubrick Ray shifted a couple of words and all was OK.


To help publicity with the film "Incredibly Strange Zombie" masks were manafactured and ushers and other gullible guys were hoodwinked into leaping into the auditorium scaring the daylights out of the patrons. On one night Ray himself participated and one hapless guy was so frightened at the appearence of Ray in person he fled up the isle and collapsed with a heart attack!


The movie was later released under the title Teenage Psycho meets Bloody Mama.


The heart attack victim didn't go again!

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