Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot Volume 4, Orion Home Video 50009, 1995, VHS, Slipcase, NTSC, Color, Hi-Fi, Not Rated, Total Runnig Time 49 mins.


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Will Emperor Guillotine and his Gargoyle Gang take over the Earth?

Episode Seven: Dragon, The Ninja Monster

Guillotine's gargantuan lizard-like monster crushes an experimental warplane from one nation and scoops up a top-secret submarine from its opponent. Each nation blames the other, and a world war ensues. The Unicorns call a peace conference, where a Gargoyle spy sneaks in with a time bomb. Johnny Sokko unravels the ploy just in time, and calls for Giant Robot's help. Suddenly Dragon, the Ninja Monster re-appears ready to battle! It's a fist-flying karatefest of machine versus monster-but Giant Robot triumphs by flinging the monster into the sea. When the missing plane and sub float up from the beast's watery grave, suspicions are laid to rest. The world is at peace once again!


Join Johnny Sokko and Giant Robot as they save the day again!

Episode Eight: The Gigantic Claw

Tests are complete. Not only is the new QQV metal the most durable substance on's completely transparent. The Defense Ministry decides to entrust the specifications to the United Nations in New York. But Emperor Guillotine envisions fleets of invisible bombers and crystalline ships, and he'll do anything to get his hands on the secret formula! The Gargoyles launch their latest weapon to intercept the shipment-a mega-mean monster claw big enough to put the squeeze on our robot hero! Can Giant Robot escape the clenched fist of doom? You bet! And when he fires up his flame thrower to torch the treacherous talon, all the Unicorrns jump for joy!

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