Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot Volume 3, Orion Home Video 50008, 1995, VHS, Slipcase, NTSC, Color, Hi-Fi, Not Rated, Total Runnig Time 49 mins.


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Will Emperor Guillotine and his Gargoyle Gang take over the Earth?

Episode Five:  Destroy The Dam

The Evil Emperor's horticultural horror, the infamous Gargoyle Vine is back! A colossal new sprout rises up out of a lake and swallows up all the water. Bombing attacks only fuel it with needed energy, and soon the treacherous tree is sprewing flaming-hot lava bombs! Suddenly the whole area is ablaze, and residents must run for their lives. Johnny Sokko spies an upstream dam...and devises a plan. With a one-two mega-ton punch, Giant Robot easily smashes through the barrier. Torrents of water dose the flames and stifle the monster plant. Finally Robot moves in for an explosive victory, vanquishing the plant with a hefty spread of missiles! You loose again, Guillotine!


Join Johnny Sokko and Giant Robot as they save the day again!

Episode Six: The Transformed Humans

The Gargoyle Gang has unleashed another terrifying monster-big enough to swallow an entire train! On board is a Unicorn Chief who is taken hostage and transformed into a cyborg! Now a Gargoyle pawn, the Chief attempts to steal top-secret plans. Everyone is wary of his odd behaviour! While investigating Johnny Sokko and his partner Jerry are captured and taken to Gargoyle head-quarters. Meanwhile, the giant monster has embarked on a spree of destruction. Johnny manages to radio Giant Robot, who valiantly fights, flings the wounded monster into the sea, and rescues the captured agents from certain doom. In time the Chief will recover. Another heroic Unicorn triumph!



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