Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot Volume 2, Orion Home Video 50007, 1995, VHS, Slipcase, NTSC, Color, Hi-Fi, Not Rated, Total Runnig Time 49 mins.


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Will Emperor Guillotine and his Gargoyle Gang take over the Earth?

Episode Three: Gargoyle Vine, A Space Plant

Guillotine kidnaps a top-notch botanist to help plant the Gargoyle Vine, a particularly hardy variety native to his home planet. This is no garden-variety creeper, though! Sprouting as tall as Jack's beanstalk, this monster weed literally walks over cities, leaving a trail of death and destruction! "Look out Giant Robot!" Even our mega-mechanical hero beocmes entangled in its branches. But clever Johnny Sokko, keen that electricity can thwart the plant, orders the Robot to tap into nearby high-voltage lines. Talk about super-conductor! A gigavolt jolt zaps the wicked weed into a million pieces. Another glorious victory!


Join Johnny Sokko and Giant Robot as they save the day again!

Episode Four: Tyrox, A Strange Monster

A gigantic beast has been stomping down refineries and torching oil derricks throughout the Middle East. Unicorn Agents to the rescue! Johnny Sokko discovers that the savage is a mechanized monster controlled by the malevolent Gargoyle Gang, and sneaks on board. He plants a time bomb and escapes just in time...but the blast fails to cripple the creature. Now it's Giant Robot's turn to try! Hand-to-hand, the robot and beast duke it out. Finally, with a burst of his high-energy eye-rays, Giant Robot destroys the creature. The world's oil supply is safe at last!



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