transgress; go beyond the bounds of limits; violate; infringe


Compilation of films made by avant-garde filmmakers and artists based in the New York City's Lower East Side between 1979 to 1994.


In 1984 the manifesto for the `Cinema of Transgression' was announced, a movement looking to transform values by breaking all taboos of cinematic expression, conservative religion, politics and aesthetics.


Includes: `Nymphomania' (1993, 9 mins., B & W) directed by Tessa Hughes-Freeland and Holly Adams, starring Holly Adams and Bob Mook, a critical engagement with the popular mythical representation of male/female sexuality;

`Baby doll' (1982, 3 mins., B & W) directed by Tessa Hughes-Freeland, featuring Ferne and Irene, a documentary focussing on the lives to two go-go dancers;

`Police state' (1987, 19 mins.) directed by Nick Zedd, starring Nick Zedd, Rockets Redglare and Flip Crowley, loosely based on events experienced by the director and various associates, drama about police brutality;

`The Evil cameraman' (1990, 11 mins.) directed by Richard Kern, starring Jap Anne, Ice Queen, Little Linda and Jackie O, part sexual fetishism, part self-loathing, acknowledges the relationship between the director's voyeurism, lust, and power, whilst simultaneously deconstructing the absurdity of such relationships;

`Stigmata' (1991, 38 mins.) directed by Beth B, featuring Joseph Budenholzer, Kelly Considine, Johnny Lanz and others, a documentary exploring self-destructive behaviour;

`Black hearts bleed red' (1992, 16 mins.) directed by Jeri Cain Rossi, starring Joe Coleman, Zemlya Vaudaux and Miss Xanna Don't, an adaptation of Flannery O'Connor's short story `A Good man is hard to find';

`Soul city' (1979, 2 mins.) directed by M Henry Jones, an animated excess of garage pop and ocular insanity;

`Where evil dwells' (1985, 28 mins.) directed by Tommy Turner and David Wojnarowicz, starring Joe Coleman, Rockets Redglare and Natz, loosely based on the story of the teenage killer Ricky Kasso, and only completed as a trailer, traces the roots of the dysfunctional youth into suburban Long Island and follows his descent into Hell;

`Cornella; the story of a burning bush' (1985, 6 mins.) directed by Kembra Pfahler, performance film;

`Mommy, mommy, where's my brain?' (1986, 9 mins.) directed by Jon Moritsugu, part AC/DC, part Jacques Derrida, made as a response to the critical theory aspects of the director's degree, and to academic film criticism; interspersed by animated eyeglass advertisements by M Henry Jones.


VHS, PAL. UK. BFI, CAT No BFIV055, Black & White and Colour, 147 Minutes

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