VHS, PAL, UK, MONDO MOVIES, Incredibly Strange Films, CAT No ISFOO3, Directed by Ray Dennis Steckler, Starring Cash Flagg and Liz Renay. Cert 18


Back cover: If three homicidal maniacs had escaped from a nearby insane asylum would you pick up a hitch hiker? Dennis Kesdakin (ATLAS MORT) did and was brutally slain by Mort "Mad Dog" Click (CASH FLAGG), brother of Herbie Click, one of the asylum escapees. This was the beginning of a reign of terror over the city of Los Angeles.

But there was to be much more.

  • A shapely brunette fiendishly murdered with a pair of scissors!
  • An innocent man decapitated with an axe!
  • A similar fate served to his fiance, whom he was to marry the next week!
  • A helpless horse rancher butchered for his horse!

The city is still not safe, not until the last killer meets his gruesome fate in the shock-charged ending of THE THRILL KILLERS.


THE THRILL KILLERS, Stecklers second film (co produced with George Morgan) stars Ray Flannagans "Mad Dog" Click (a name The Cramps used for on of their stand-in drummers, and whilst we are on the subject of The Cramps watch out for the quote "People Aint No Good").


Star of Ray's previous movie (The Incredibily Strange Creatures...) Atlas King appears in the opening scene and is promptly shot by Ray! The female lead, Liz Renay was a notorious local stripper, who had just come out of jail for refusing to testify against her gangster boyfriend, Down on her luck Ray kindly gave her the lead - she was later to be half of the only genuine mother and daughter strip show yet recorded!


Another thing to watch out for is Herbie the leader of the 3 escaped psychos played by Herb Robbins. He was badly beaten up days before shooting started and was worried that he couldn't play the part all bruised (He didn't know Ray very well). What the hell, even if his eye twitches all through the film (and to this day as far as we know). Herb later appeared in some of Ray's Lemon Grove Kids series as well as Ted V. Mikles Worm Eaters and Tobe Hoopers Fun House.


Ray liked to use his old buddies which means his wife turns up engaged to Ron Burr and Rat Pfink and Boo Boo stars (Ron Haydock and Titus Moede) are police officers Tracey and Frank West repectively. The film was also released as "The Maniacs are Loose" Ray had such success dressing up ushers in zombie masks and running through a terrified audience that some haullucinogen hypno vision footage was added after which the maniacs would bolt into the auditorum clutching Rubber knives and generally terrorizing the patrons. Ray did sometimes tour with the show as a maniac but was put off the idea after he was shot with a pellet gun.


One final thing to watch out the party scene at the beginning, Stecklers "Mentor" Arch Hall Senior plays himself as he drinks his way into a stupor, with Stecklers co producer, George Morgan.



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