Showmans Campaign Manual, A3, Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1968.



When film maker extraordinaire HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS turned his attention on the biker genre, it was obvious that it was never going to be a run of the mill film.


He got together with a group of genuine hog straddling femmes fatales (including members of the real life all girl cycle gang the Cut Throats) and presented the public with one of the wildest, most wayward, hell bent cinematic experience ever to hit the screen!

Watch in awe as the maneating motorcyle gang initiate new members to their ranks in a frenzied beer guzzlin' party.


Shock at their antics as they race for the pick of the men from the stud line!!


See: Murder, Mayhem and Lawlessness at its most gut wrenching worst!


Made in 1968 "SHE DEVILS ON WHEELS" was a blatant attempt by H. G. Lewis to cash-in on the 'hells angels' film craze going on at the time (Wild Angels, etc) but ended up standing head and shoulders above most of its competitors. With the winning formula of hog straddling females, lots of action and 'the authentic initiation ritual never before dared on screen' (so says the pressbook), it became Herschell's most financially successful film, next to the legendary 'Blood Feast'. When originally let loose on the cinemas it played as a double bill with A. I. P. Studios 'Born Losers'.


All of the female gang members in the movie, with the exception of Nancy Lee Noble and Christie Wagner were actual members of 'The Cut Throats' the female division of 'The Iron Cross' motorcycle gang that hailed from Miami where the film was made. This was made possible because screenplay writer (and an H.G. Lewis regualr) Allison Downe, was an ex Miami probation officer. In typical Lewis fashion it was filmed in silence, except close-up dialogue scenes and dubbed later which explains why you sometimes hear motorbikes being revved up when the engines are turned off. Herschell had a lot on his mind at the time because he was also filming 'Just For The Hell Of It'.


In the final scene of the film Queen and Whitey turn to the screen and say:


"We don't owe nobody nothin'

and we don't make no deals.

We're swinging chicks on motors

we're man eaters on wheels."


Then they speed off on their merry way as if nothing has happened. The amoral nature of the last scene, suggesting that you can do as you damn well please and get away with it was not considered suitable by the local censors in Chicago and it was removed. Also a noteworthy mention must go to the crazed theme song 'Get Off The Road' (Lyrics by H.G. Lewis under the name Sheldon Seymour, and music by his son Robert), which was covered by The Cramps on the 'B' side of their 'What's Inside A Girl' single.



Condition; Fair Yellowing and Torn where the book has been folded. Given that theater owners purchased pressbooks partly in order to create their newspaper advertising, and quite frequently cut them up for that purpose, it is rare to find a pressbook that IS complete and uncut!

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