Snuff (1975).


Snuff (1975)


Directors: Michael Findlay, Horacio Fredriksson, and Simon Nuchtern
Stars: Margarita Amuchástegui, Tina Austin, Ana Carro.


Snuff is a 1975 splatter film, and is most notorious for being marketed as if it were an actual snuff film. This picture contributed to the urban legend of snuff films, and was once banned in the UK in the infamous video nasties debate of the '80's. The film started out as a low-budget gore film titled Slaughter which was written and directed by the husband-and-wife grindhouse filmmaking team of Michael and Roberta Findlay.


Filmed in Argentina in 1971 on a budget of $30,000, it depicted the actions of a Manson-esque murder cult, filmed mainly in silence due to the actors understanding very little English. Independent low-budget distributor and sometime producer Allan Shackleton took the film and shelved it for four years—but was inspired to release it with a new ending, unbeknownst to the original filmmakers, after reading a newspaper article in 1975 on the rumor of snuff films produced in South America and decided to cash in on the urban legend. He added a new ending, filmed in a vérité style by Simon Nuchtern, in which a woman is brutally murdered by a film crew, supposedly the crew of Slaughter.


The new footage purportedly showed an actual murder, and was spliced onto the end of Slaughter with an abrupt cut suggesting that the footage was unplanned and the murder authentic. This new version of the film was released under the title Snuff, with the tagline "The film that could only be made in South America... where Life is CHEAP"...The film was exposed as a hoax in Variety in 1976.


Size: (Japanese B2 poster) ca. 20 x 29" / 51 x 73,5 cm.



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